Federation Park opens as new 'pocket' park in Hattiesburg

Federation Park opens as new 'pocket' park in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - There is a new pocket park in Ward 2.

Federation Park at Twin Forks Rising is located just behind Federation Towers senior living complex.

It features a lighted eighth-mile walking track, park benches, picnic tables and even a recycled gazebo.

Its name is a reference to the White Rose Federated Club of Hattiesburg.

It was constructed by the city for around $40,000, and the city saved quite a bit of money by recycling a gazebo that was once in another park area of Ward 2.

"Because there was no park in this area, we needed to do something about the mosquitoes in this area and to clear it off so that the citizens could enjoy it," Hattiesburg City Councilwoman Ward 2 Deborah Delgado said.

Pocket Parks such as these are designed to create passive and interactive recreational opportunities for the local neighborhood.

Pocket parks do not contain parking lots as they are tucked or "pocketed" into the fabric of the neighborhood.

Future amenities include a community garden and connection to the bike/pedestrian pathway from William Carey University to downtown Hattiesburg.