U.S. official home of too much cheese

U.S. official home of too much cheese

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - According to a Bloomberg report, the United States has accumulated approximately 1.2 billion pounds of cheese in more than 30 years.

Thanks to "a weakening euro" countries in Asia and the Middle East have made the transition from U.S. to European cheese.

According to NowThis video, everyone in the U.S. needs "to eat three pounds of cheese this year." just to even out the playing field.

The euro has caused dairy products to be priced so low, "that the U.S. itself has become the new No. 1 customer for some products -- imports of EU butter doubled last year and rose 17 percent for cheese, according to the European Commission.", according to the Bloomberg report.

Don't forget to order cheese on every burger or add a few extra cups of cheese to your macaroni.