Purvis man pleads guilty to 2013 murder

Purvis man pleads guilty to 2013 murder
Timothy Taylor. Source: WDAM

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - A Lamar County man charged with capital murder in the 2013 death of a Purvis woman pleaded guilty in court Friday.

Timothy Taylor, 39, was indicted in January 2014 for the death of Claudette Ezell, 76, who died at her home on First Avenue in Purvis.

Taylor pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole before Circuit Judge Anthony Mozingo in a Lawrence County Courtroom.

According to Taylor's indictment,

...he did willfully and without authority of law and with or without deliberate design to effect death, did kill and murder Claudette Ezell, while the said Timothy Taylor were engaged in the commission of felonious arson, contrary to and in violation of murder.

The 15 Circuit Court District Attorney Hal Kittrell released the following statement about the case:

"My office has consulted with Ms. Ezell's family regarding the prosecution of this case. We abided by their wishes and did not seek the death penalty in exchange for this guilty plea. We are happy that this case was resolved without putting the victim's family through the hardship of a trial and sincerely hope they can find some peace in knowing this murderer will spend the rest of his life in prison. We would like to thank the Purvis Police Department, the Lamar County Sheriff's Department and the State of Mississippi Fire Marshal for their excellent investigation and hard work in this matter."