Residents voice concerns over Petal annexation plans

Residents voice concerns over Petal annexation plans

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Now that city officials are moving forward with annexation plans in Petal, residents were able to voice their concerns during a public forum held at the Petal Civic Center.

Many of the attendees were strongly opposed the annexation plans.

"I have no interest in selling my land," a resident said.

"I have no intent of selling my farm," another resident said.

People were concerned about having to change their way of living.

"We live a country life because that's what we choose to do," a resident explained.

Many people were also concerned about their taxes going up.

"You said that it wouldn't be much difference between taxes and insurance, and that is not correct," a resident explained.

"My taxes from city limits to outside the city is tripled to what the county taxes are," another resident said.

The question many residents had for city officials was what would residents gain from the annexation.

Mayor Hal Marx still favors the annexation plans and gave an example of a benefit for annexation to the residents that still had their doubts.

"I will say our fire department has a class 5 rating compared to a 7 or 8 in the county," Marx said. "I do know that our fire department will be able to get anywhere there is a fire within 5 minutes of when that call comes in."

Marx hopes to continue to clear up any misinformation going around.