Water project in Laurel near completion

Water project in Laurel near completion

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - A water project in Laurel is nearing completion.

The $1.2 million Queensburg Avenue Area Project is designed to increase water pressure quality to around 200 homes in the area.

It involves installing 6-inch water mains as well as 15 additional fire hydrants.

Laurel has spent several million dollars replacing old water lines throughout the city.

"Right now they're in the middle of construction, they've installed all of the water lines, they're going back now and starting to install all the services and they're starting to do some of the driveway work and yard work," said Kris Lightsey, senior project manager of Neel-Schaffer. "They should be completing the pressure test and different things to get the water line ready for operation, but that's still another couple months before we see a finished product."

Over 13,000 linear feet of pipe has been installed to this area, and construction is expected to be completed by mid-summer of this year. 
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