Hattiesburg priest makes an impact with little acts of kindness

Hattiesburg priest makes an impact with little acts of kindness

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A priest from Hattiesburg is making an impact by doing good deeds in the community, especially for people in his church who need help.

The Rev. Tommy Conway from St. Fabian Catholic Church made his friend Ileana Carlson's day by mowing her grass.

"Cutting the yard is something that is not very easy for me," Carlson said.

Mowing the lawn is something her husband used to do before he passed away from a sudden heart attack about a year ago.

"Kenny was the love of my life," Carlson said.

Conway decided to cheer her up one day before she came back from work by cutting her grass.

"I think we can do good things right here in our own communities, Hattiesburg, wherever we live, and those little acts of kindness go a long, long way in helping others," Conway said.

Conway has also helped Carlson heal by helping her with other favors and giving her hope about the future.

"He has been my rock since Ken passed away," Carlson said. "He has been really a rock for me."

For Carlson, it wasn't easy dealing with his death because they were married for 23 years and she is far away from the rest of her family in Mexico. However, Carlson is not alone. Conway and her friends from work at the Columbia Academy also helped keep her spirits up.

"We have to look after each other, and especially people who are vulnerable and in need," Conway said. "That's what the Bible calls us to do, and I'm happy to do it."

Carlson said Conway's help has truly helped her heal during this difficult time.

"I know that I have a friend, a priest, and to me he is an angel," Carlson said.

As she flips through old pictures of Ken, Carlson is at peace, and said she knows their love will last forever.

"Death cannot take love, and I know I can't see him but he's with me always," Carlson said.