Southern Miss student designs new logo for Hattiesburg Fire Department

Southern Miss student designs new logo for Hattiesburg Fire Department

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a press release from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Thanks to the creativity of Cody Bass, a graphic design student at the University of Southern Mississippi, the Hattiesburg Fire Department now has a fresh, new logo. Bass worked along with a number of Art and Design students are part of the student-run graphic design agency at Southern Miss known as Rise Creative.

Rise Creative gives students opportunities to enhance their design skills while creating professional works for real-world clients across campus and throughout the region Thanks to this experience, they graduate from Southern Miss with strong and compelling portfolios.

Bass, a graduating senior and originally from Brandon, was excited and pleased to have his logo chosen.

"When they picked my logo I knew that meant that I would start seeing it pop up around Hattiesburg more and more, which has probably been the coolest part of the whole experience," he said. "It means a lot that the Hattiesburg Fire Department liked my design enough to use it for years to come."

The logo will also be added to new shirts and other items worn by members of the department.

HFD Fire Chief Paul Presley said that he and the department were honored to have the Rise Creative students develop the new logo for the new ladder six truck.

"We wanted branding that would be unique to the City of Hattiesburg Fire Department," Presley said. "To have something designed by Southern Miss student's means a lot to the department as a whole. We look out for that campus and it's a part of all of us for each shift."

Several students worked on the various drafts and versions of the new logo, but it was the design by Bass that was chosen. Other students who worked on the logo were Chelsea Christopher of Brandon, Andrew Do of Hattiesburg, Kacey Holifield of Laurel, Leanna Manning of Petal, Megan McCormick of Petal, Gabrielle Moran of Carriere, Michael Norris, John Ragland of Byram and Melanie Santiago of Biloxi.

"This project has helped me professionally because it gave me real client work to put in my portfolio," Bass said. "As design students, we can make up companies to create logos for all day, but it's nice to have a real logo in your portfolio that is being used by someone."