Petal officials announce plans to expand city

Petal officials announce plans to expand city

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The city announced plans to expand its city limits Friday.

The Board of Alderman unanimously passed an ordinance to annex six new areas into the city.

Petal Mayor Hal Marx said growth was a huge factor in deciding on what areas to annex.

The areas they plan to annex include Evelyn Gandy Parkway to Interstate 59, Highway 11 North of the present city limits, Area East of Highway 42 to the Perry County Line, and an area off Trussel Road and Sunrise road, just south of the city limits.

"The factors that we're looking at are areas of growth, which direction is the city growing," Marx said.

Marx said the new plan would add about nine square miles and approximately 710 new residents to the city of Petal.

Mayor Marx said he is aware that new residents may be concerned about a tax increase.

"With our fire rating having just dropped to a level Five, they're fire insurance will go down. They'll have better fire and police protection. Their insurance rates will go down, that'll offset a lot of those tax numbers they worry about," Marx said.

Marx explained how this new proposal will benefit residents who are moving from the county into the city.

"You get a lot of other services you just don't' get when you're not part of a city, You get police protection. You get Fire protection; you get zoning which is going to protect your property," Marx said.