Concern over measles in Mississippi grows

Concern over measles in Mississippi grows
Measles outbreak has some concerned. Photo Credit WDAM

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The recent measles outbreak in the region has some residents concerned that it could spread to Mississippi.

Dr. Chrystal Sumrall spoke about measles and how difficult it can be sometimes to diagnose.

"Measles can actually mimic other things like cough and cold symptoms because it starts out with fever, just feeling bad." Sumrall said. "The disease is a rash type of disease, but it can have an exposure period of one to three weeks before you actually develop any major symptoms."

Sumrall had good news for those worried about measles in Mississippi.

"Right now there are no known cases of measles in Mississippi," she said. "There is only one in quarantine that did have their exposure in the Memphis area. There are six active cases in Memphis that we know of at this time."