Lamar County Sheriff's Dept. receives SWAT truck

Lamar County Sheriff's Dept. receives SWAT truck
The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department has added a new vehicle to their fleet./Photo credit: WDAM

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The Lamar County Sheriff's Department has added a new vehicle to its fleet, and this one packs quite a punch.

"We had a SWAT truck donated to the department by Pine Belt Ford and Pine Belt Chevrolet, it's a really heavy-duty truck that is going to be a huge asset to the department," Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said.

The truck is equipped with multiple storage compartments and an extended rear section that can fit members of the department's SRT Team.

"It gives us accessibility to different places that a standard patrol car can't get to, it's a heavy duty vehicle, it's got high-ground clearance,  with a front bumper for a high-speed heavy duty wench," Rigel said. "You can't get a lot of equipment in a standard patrol car or what we use as patrol vehicles, so we can get that extra equipment in this, to bring us to where we need it."

The truck will be used for high-risk warrants, emergency situations or anytime that there is a special teams callout, according to Rigel.

"This vehicle allows us to take our department's SRT team to the next level, it's something that a lot of departments don't have the ability to have," SWAT Commander Scott Craft said. "This allows us to go in as a team instead of taking multiple patrol cars; it's a lot safer for members of the team."

The truck still has a few modifications to be completed before the department rolls it out, but it should be ready in no time, according to Rigel.

"I can't thank the folks at Pine Belt Ford and Chevrolet enough, it just shows that people in our community really care about law enforcement and are concerned with our safety," Rigel said.