'Hattiesburger' new demonym for Hub City residents

'Hattiesburger' new demonym for Hub City residents

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg residents have a new demonym, or name for themselves, after an online contest and a vote by a special committee appointed by Visit Hattiesburg.

The new name is "Hattiesburger."

It was revealed during an annual Tourism Partners Luncheon Wednesday.

It was chosen over "Hub Citian" and "Hattiesburgan."

"It's good to have it confirmed by this wonderful committee," said Aubrey Lucas, former president of Southern Miss.

"To nail this down and make it part of our tourism and promotion, I think it's good," said Hattiesburg resident Bud Kirkpatrick.

Some people aren't so happy about the name. Ursula Jones, vice-president of the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society said the proper term is "Hattiesburgan," and said that name was used in print form as far back as 1908.

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree does not particularly like the name either. He was on the committee and favored "Hub Citian."

"Nobody is going to get offended whether you call them Hattiesburgian, Hattiesburger or Hub Citian," he said. "We all are people who live in Hattiesburg and it's a great place to live."

Whatever name you favor, contest organizers said it was all about getting the community more involved with tourism.

"It just gave us the opportunity to ask the question again and really, just have some fun with it across the community and get people engaged with Visit Hattiesburg a little bit," said Matthew Godrey, director of advertising and sales for Visit Hattiesburg.

Other initial choices were H-Towner, Burgonite and Hattiesburgonian.