Hattiesburg native to appear on 'Master Chef'

Hattiesburg native to appear on 'Master Chef'

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - You may see a familiar face on season 7 of Master Chef this summer because Hattiesburg native Katie Dixon was a contestant on the show.

When she was a little girl, Dixon always dreamed of being on Master Chef. She always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen when she would visit her family.

"Every weekend we went to my grandparents with the farm outside of Brookhaven and visit with my grandparents and she would cook breakfast lunch and dinner so I was just underneath her apron just always ready and eager to learn," Dixon said.

However, Dixon is not your average cook, she has a passion for making healthy organic food for her friends and family.

"So to me, cooking is family and friends, and it's a smile so cooking for me is happiness," Dixon said.

Her twist on food is what gave Dixon an edge when she auditioned for Master Chef. She was chosen out of thousands of people to compete in the show against 40 other contestants.

"I was shocked I never in million years thought from going to a interview in Jackson where I was cooking for Master Chef would turn into me actually becoming top 40," Dixon said.

Dixon currently works at Vitamin Plus and gets to host cooking demonstrations and let customers learn new recipes hands-on.  Several of her co-workers like Betylou Pierce said they are proud of her.

"When you see the things she prepares, the stomach juices start to form and its like yum you know," Pierce said.

Besides from cooking, Dixon keeps busy with her two kids and said one can have a family and also follow his or her passion.

"It's never too late to follow your dreams, it doesn't matter your age it doesn't matter if you are young or old chase your dreams," Dixon said.

Dixon would not give away any details about her success on the show, but said to keep an eye out for her during the premiere on June 1 on Fox.