Miss Hattiesburg prepares for Miss Mississippi

(The following details of Charli Cubbage's platform follow below.  This text was submitted to WDAM 7.)

Confidence is something that many of us struggle to keep each and every day. That lack of confidence comes from insecurities that we have in ourselves. These insecurities are fed by media and society in our world today. Young girls strive to be as "tan and skinny" as the over-edited girl in the magazine, to be as "perfect" as the character on TV, to get as many likes as the girl you follow on Instagram. I began inSecurely as a way to help end some of those social insecurities that many of us face every single day.

inSecurely is based on three points: You are Loved, You are Valued, and You are Beautiful. I believe by instilling these truths into others, they can begin to overcome their personal insecurities. We were all perfectly created by our Father and through inSecurely, I hope to spread that message. I firmly believe that by talking about different insecurities, we can stive to end them. The reason I titled this movement "inSecurely" is because I believe that we must reach "in"side ourselves deal with our insecurities, talk about them and normalize them and only then can we live "Securely" in who we are on both the inside and the outside. Speaking about insecurities is not necessarily always fun, nor is it always comfortable, but it is always important.

I want to make a difference through inSecurely by helping others become more confident in exactly who they are and were created to be. I have struggled with insecurities and still continue to struggle daily, but by talking about these insecurities we all face can strive to end them. We have to stand up to media, society, and everyone else individually and realize that we are all created to be exactly what we are, and these "insecurities" we think we face are actually the things that make us unique. I encourage you to be confident in who you are, for therenis nothing more perfect you can be than yourself!