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Lamar Co. resident spots bald eagle eating breakfast near home

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Bald eagle/Joel Johnson Bald eagle/Joel Johnson

A Lamar County resident got quite the surprise while enjoying his morning coffee, and even managed to snap a few photographs.

“This morning I got up and I was walking through my house to go get my first cup of coffee, and I looked out the window and my boat house and sitting on the top of my boat house was a bald eagle having his breakfast of a fish,” resident Joel Johnson said.

Johnson lives in the Bridgefield Estates subdivision off Highway 589 in Lamar County.


The eagle appeared to be dining on a large bass or a bream.

“It was large fish and he seemed to be really enjoying himself,” Johnson said.

“I think it’s wonderful, I’m glad to know that we have an environment here, that can support a bald eagle,” Johnson said. “That’s not the first one we’ve seen at Bridgefield, but it’s the first one I’ve seen so close and for so long, but he was having a leisurely breakfast, and seemed to be really enjoying himself.”

Johnson said he will be keeping an eye out for the eagle.

“I’ll probably be looking every day from now on,” Johnson said. 

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