USM football wraps up spring practice

USM football wraps up spring practice

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Spring ball all comes to an end Saturday in the highly anticipated Black and Gold game.

"It'll be fun the guys will get to compete against each other," head coach Jay Hopson said. "It's been offense-defense for 14 days, so now those guys will get to team up against the other and talk a little stuff and have fun so that's always a good thing."

Senior Wil Freeman has seen his fair share of the spring game.

"It's just a chance to go out and compete against each other and it's good to see some fans come out; it's a big day for all athletics especially with baseball playing Rice," Freeman said. "It's just good for us to get out there and compete against each other in the stadium."

Coach Hopson and his staff are looking to fit all the pieces together with as few mistakes as possible.

"I think as a head coach you want to see success offensively and you want to see success defensively you don't want a one sided scrimmage but you want to see a clean game," Hopson said.

This spring has been especially new for Freeman, since changing from the defensive line to offensive.

"I want to have the least amount of mental mistakes as possible. I know my technique isn't going to be that great since I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks, so I'm really just going to focus on what I'm supposed to do each play," Freeman said.

Defensive linemen Dylan Bradley said, "I'm just ready to see everybody put it together, basically we've been working hard all spring and I'm just ready to see the teams separated and see everybody put everything together they've learned and been taught this whole spring."

The spring game is an opportunity for the players to lay it all out on the field.

"It's good going against your own teammates, seeing who the dogs are going to be whose going to bring it and who's not. So I feel like Saturday is going to be a good outing for us," Bradley said.

Hopson said, "The big question I'm going to have the next couple of days is if I'm going to take the shirt off of our backup quarterbacks. Nick will be in red but we might put Kwadra and Parker in black and gold."

Freeman said, "It's always good when you get to put on your game jerseys and everything else and go play in the Rock. Anytime you get to do that is a special day so you know we're just going to have a lot of fun when we go out there."