Obama calls NC, MS LGBT laws 'wrong'

Obama calls NC, MS LGBT laws 'wrong'

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - President Obama criticized Mississippi and North Carolina for their recent LGBT laws in a press conference Friday morning.

Obama held a news conference at noon where he spoke about Prince, North Carolina and Mississippi's recent LGBT laws, Hiroshima, and the fragile ceasefire in Syria.

Obama addressed Mississippi and North Carolina's laws in the news conference after The British government issued a warning to LGBT travelers after The Religious Accommodation Law and House Bill 2 were signed.

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House Bill 2 requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match their birth certificates. The law also makes clear local measures can't expand anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation or gender identity.

Mississippi's Religious Accommodations Act allows private businesses to refuse service to the LGBT community based off of their religious background and beliefs.

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"The people of North Carolina and Mississippi are great people, they really are," said Obama. "I also think the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned. They are in response to politics in part, and part of some strong emotions."

The president emphasized to the people of The United Kingdom that they were welcome in Mississippi and North Carolina, and that they would be treated with hospitality.

"Although I respect their different viewpoints, I think it is very important for us not to send signals that anyone is treated differently," Obama said.