USM police debunk Facebook claim about human trafficking

USM police debunk Facebook claim about human trafficking

HATTIESBURG, MS - Southern Miss police are clearing the air regarding a viral Facebook post.

The post was warning students about a man attempting to traffic students.

The post was deleted on Facebook around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Captain Rusty Keyes with the Southern Miss Police Department said the claim was a rumor, but the department is investigating a claim about a man who approached students Friday and Monday asking for help locating lost money.

"At this time we cannot see where a crime has occurred we are looking at the possibility that he may just be attempting to obtain a phone number or he may be attempting to commit maybe a fraud," said Keyes.

Keyes said the man approached students on Monday evening in the middle of campus and last Friday night by the Payne Center. Keyes said he wants students to be aware of this suspicious activity.

"We will ask folks if they are approached by this subject concerning cash, to call us so we can meet with him and talk with him and determine what is going on," said Keyes.

This investigation is ongoing and is unrelated to the human trafficking claim.