Laurel police warns of counterfeit money in the area

Laurel police warns of counterfeit money in the area

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Bogus money has been making rounds in Laurel.

Laurel police are warning residents of some counterfeit money floating around.

The next time someone hands you a C-note in Laurel, take a closer look.

Be sure to look for the security features such as the watermark and the hologram.

Sgt. Michael Reaves with the Laurel Police Department said that it is a federal offense as well as a state offense and to pay attention to your bills received as change from any business transaction.

If you think that you have received some of this fake money, then go back to where you got it and report it to them.

Reaves said it's going to take vigilance on the consumer and the business to combat this problem.

"Most of the people who have intentions of passing these if they are making them, will try to catch business owners and different businesses at peak hours when they are really busy," Reaves said. "My advice is to pay particular attention to the security features included in the bill."

Some small businesses should consider purchasing a "bill Reader" and to educate themselves and their employees on the security features including the "feel" of the money.

For more information, check out the U.S. Department of Treasury website.

If you have any information on individuals that are printing money, contact your local police department or call Crime Stoppers at 601-428-STOP.