Laurel mayor addressed concerns from flood victims

Laurel mayor addressed concerns from flood victims

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Many Laurel residents said they've reached their breaking point over all of the flooding in the area.

Roland Graham said it's costing his family too much money.

"Every time it rains, the past couple of months, we've been getting hit hard," Graham said.

Mayor Johnny Magee said he hears their concerns, but city officials are doing all that they can do.

"We hate for people to have to go through this," Mayor Magee added.

Mayor Magee said the next may be to contact MEMA for assistance.

We will look at Center Avenue in Queensburg and some of the other low lying areas and again it's left totally up to FEMA and MEMA as to what they do. We make the request and they make the decision,” Mayor Magee explained.

Mayor Magee said it will take the community as a whole working together to fix this issue.