SLIDESHOW: Most popular fictional characters from every state

SLIDESHOW: Most popular fictional characters from every state

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - In America, we covet our comic books, movies and TV shows. Many Americans have their favorite fictional character from their childhoods or ones that they immediately fall in love with during a Netflix or Hulu binge.

Mental Floss shared a U.S. map pinning down the most popular fictional character from every state.

Some recent characters are more popular in some states such a House of Cards' Frank Underwood snagged the top spot for South Carolina, and Kentucky chose Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead as its favorite.

And a few fictional characters that were in classic TV shows and movies stood the test of time including Aunt Bee, Barney Fife, Daisy Duke and Thelma and Louise.

But, let's face it–a lot of these imaginary characters literally are connected to the states who voted for them, and some are just down-right comical. Tennessee residents chose Hannah Montana as their most-liked fictional character, and Alaska picked Chilly Willy.

If you have seen the classic Adam Sandler film, Mr. Deeds, you'll know why New Hampshire picked him as its dearest character. The same connection goes for Alabama choosing Forrest Gump as its most popular character.

Do you know what the most popular fictional character is in Mississippi?

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