Laurel residents express concerns over flooding

Laurel residents express concerns over flooding

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel residents expressed their concerns over flooding in the area. They said this is a recurring problem, and they want city officials to fix the problem.

Resident Monica Haney said she is afraid that she will lose her home one day.

"Please get out here and make this ditch deeper and put barricades up," Haney said.

Resident Roland Graham lives on Crosby Avenue. He said the problem is so bad, and he wants to relocate.

“I wish we can get out of here, but it seems like we're trapped in here,” Graham said.

His neighbor Bobby Millsap said the water gets inside their homes and causes major damage.

“We surely can't afford to tear out sheet rock every time it rains and buy new furniture every time it rains,” Millsap said.