Potholes a big, costly problem for Pine Belt drivers

Potholes a big, costly problem for Pine Belt drivers

HATTIESBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Potholes are a big problem across the Pine Belt area.

According to a  AAA survey,16 million U.S. drivers suffered vehicle damage related to potholes in the last five years.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that the average Mississippi Driver spends $419 dollars on car repairs due to bad roads.

"It's not good on your tires or your vehicles," Hattiesburg Resident Kolena Henserling said. "It's costing way too much damage."

Mike Davis, general manager of D&D Tire in Hattiesburg said many drivers suffer from pothole damage during the spring.

"It's more pronounced during rainstorms," Davis said. "Potholes fill up with water and people don't see them. They hit the holes not knowing they're there."

Davis said car owners should get their vehicle checked if they think they hit a pothole because not all damage is visible.

"You could be at the expense of buying a wheel or buying a tire," Davis said. "If it does some suspension damage you could be at the expense of repairing the car."

General Manger Allen McKinley of Hattiesburg Public Works said the department sends out crews daily to look for potholes.

"Most of the time when people call about potholes they arrive from two problems," McKinley said. "You have old asphalt combined with old base in the road."

McKinley said money for infrastructure has been a problem for the city.

"Currently the mayor and the city council have currently solved that problem, and they are starting to give us money so we can get out and pave more streets," he said.

The city recommends residents to call the city's Action Line to report any potholes that have not received attention.