Three school districts affected by data breach

Three school districts affected by data breach

LAMAR COUNTY, MS - Three school districts in the area are experiencing a security breach of their employees personal information.

So far Lamar county, Marion County and the Columbia school districts are having these issues.

According to Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith, the district uses a company called INNOVAK that allows staff to access its pay stubs and W2s through the internet.

Smith said 28 employees in the Lamar county school district were affected.

Other districts in Mississippi like Columbia are dealing with the same problem. About 20 employees from the Columbia School District were affected. In the Marion County school district, 12 were affected.

The FBI and IRS have been notified and are working to resolve the issue, according to Smith.

Smith said LCSD was notified in April, and the school contacted the names of those affected.

"For it to happen to us, yeah it was surprising and very disappointing," Lamar County School Board President Mike Pruitt said.

According to INNOVAK, the breach was only related to employee W2s, and no other information was accessed.

Smith said INNOVAK has locked down the portal, and precautions and safety measures have been put into place.

The staff was given detailed instructions on how to proceed, and are working with INNOVAK and the IRS in order to assist the affected employees, according to Smith.

About four employees from Marion County schools and one from Lamar County had their tax returns rejected.