Waynesboro man vandalizes salon, insurance agency

Waynesboro man vandalizes salon, insurance agency

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - A Waynesboro man is behind bars after police say he broke into a salon and insurance agency.

According to authorities 24-year-old Terry Hutto Ross broke into the Head Quarters Salon on Mississippi and vandalized it.

He sprayed graffiti that represented a rap music group on the walls of the bathroom, according to police.

Investigators said the found equipment from the salon scattered outside.

Police said he also vandalized the Alpha Insurance office next door, and ripped down a security camera from a nearby building.

Because he ripped down the camera, investigators were able to use the surveillance video to identify and arrest him.

Police said Ross confessed to the crime, and faces a number of charges.

According to Don Hopkins, the motive behind the crimes appear to be drugs.