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Senator Chris McDaniel releases statement supporting HB 1523

Chris McDaniel. Photo Credit: WDAM Chris McDaniel. Photo Credit: WDAM

Senator Chris McDaniel took to Facebook to show his support for HB 1523. 

The law allows private businesses to refuse service to the LGBT community based off of their religious background and beliefs.

McDaniel's statement read: 

HB 1523 doesn’t prohibit, impede or delay homosexual marriage. Nor does it empower state-sponsored discrimination against anyone seeking to exercise the new right. It merely demands the government remain neutral out of respect for the conflicting rights involved.

But remember, the American left isn’t happy with a balance. They demand control, even if the state action would violate four distinct and longstanding Constitutional rights. What the left proposes is to abandon the older rights for a newer one. And they want to use state government to achieve their objective.

But there is no way to justify wholesale state-sponsored discrimination over the infrequent individual, private discrimination that may occur.

Government action is the culprit. Private discrimination is a modern day stigma for anyone accused, but state-sanctioned discrimination is worse.

HB 1523 is not discriminatory, and to say otherwise is unfair.

It achieved a delicate balance. Nothing more.

The law will go into effect July 1. 

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