Hattiesburg to help out with Flint Water Crisis

Hattiesburg to help out with Flint Water Crisis

HATTIESBURG, MS - Folks in the Pine Belt are lending a helping hand to people in Flint, Michigan. The city of Hattiesburg hosted its "Give back, Give a Stack event" at Brewsky's Monday night.

The goal is to raise $56,000 by the end of the month to help out victims of the Flint water crisis. Monday night was the first of many fundraising efforts.

"It was a vision from God, I was actually walking in my living room and saw the city of Hattiesburg banding together to help flint," Committee Chairman Darryl Harris said.

Harris said the money raised will go toward buying 1,000 filters for residents in Michigan.

"We are talking about something you can not only drink, but brush your teeth in and bathe in, and it will last for a year," Mayor Johnny Dupree said.

Dupree, along with others in the committee, will travel to Michigan in May to deliver the filters and help with community cleanup.

"You know that's what we do in Mississippi; we help people out," Dupree said. "I think we do it better than anybody else in the United States, and at the same time people come and help us out. I think you have to continue to do that because we are one nation."

The committee said anyone can help out by donating or volunteering to travel to Michigan.