Hattiesburg hosts its first ever Southern Geekfest

Hattiesburg hosts its first ever Southern Geekfest

HATTIESBURG, MS - The first Southern Geekfest took place this weekend at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center. Folks from all over showed up dressed as their favorite characters.

"I dress like this every day otherwise," said London Edwards. "The ears I wouldn't wear, but I dress like this everywhere I go."

Others walked around as their favorite characters and showed off their handmade outfits. One man was dressed up as Bumblebee from the movie "Transformers."

"The chest piece right here is an actual Camaro grill, and my back piece is an actual engine part," said Bobby Reno.

However, for some attendees this event meant more than just dressing up. It was all about staying in character.

"For one weekend, you can just step away and become someone else," said Matt Smith.

Throughout the weekend Smith dressed up as his character "Talin," a wild elf.

"They can tell when Talin walks in the room because everything goes away and I get very still," Smith said.

Geekfest Coordinator Rafe White said he is happy to see people comfortable in their own element. 

"I enjoy meeting people, seeing new faces," White said. "It's always good to meet more geeks."

White said over 1,000 people went to the event, and he hopes to see more next year.