Same-sex couple reacts to MS adoption ban being lifted

Same-sex couple reacts to MS adoption ban being lifted

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - After 16 years of waiting, Kathy Garner and her wife, Susan Hrostowski, will soon be legal parents to their son, Hudson, now that a federal judge has overturned the state's ban on same sex adoptions.

Garner is Hudson's biological mother.

"I'm still sort of disbelieving that we have made it to this point," Garner said.

Garner said the road to get this point has not been any easy one.

When her son was just six months old, a new law passed in Mississippi banning same sex adoptions.

"All of our plans were kind of dashed by this law," Hrostowski said

They later decided to fight the new law. They joined three other couples and sued the state to have the adoption law lifted, but now without the blessing of their son.

"He is the reason that we're in this lawsuit, because we as a family decided and when we talked to him, he said we've got to do it," Garner said.

Garner said the fight was worthwhile.

"For us to have the rights that every other couple has, to have the right to make sure that our child is safe, to make sure that families like ours across the state are able to have their families and the joy that we've had is pretty powerful," Garner added.

The family said it is another victory in the long road to equality.