Hattiesburg woman's home damaged by flood waters

Hattiesburg woman's home damaged by flood waters

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg woman's home was damaged by flooding Thursday morning.

Mendi Jackson, a mother of three children, lives with her daughters on Navajo Circle.

Jackson said when she came home after dropping one of her daughters off at school, her street was flooded.

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"This is a total shock for us, we've never had any type of damage on this side and I'm completely distraught because we don't have any help," Jackson said.

When she entered the house, she said the main floor had at least four inches of rain. Jackson said almost three feet of rain rose in her backyard. She said that rain began to seep under the back door and spread throughout the home.

"It encompassed my whole living room," Jackson said. "The kitchen, my utility room and my bedroom."

Jackson said for an hour and a half, she her her daughter used bath towels and a broom to get most of the water out.

"I was scared and you know it's devastating," Daughter Carrie Jackson said. "Something I had never seen before in my lifetime."

Carpets in all the rooms are damaged as well as the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are flooded.

"I've been in a situation where my house was molded completely out during Katrina and I have kids that have asthma," Jackson said.

She said that even some of her food in the pantry is no longer edible.

Jackson said she does not have flood insurance because her insurance company told her she was in a flood free zone. She has been on the phone with FEMA discussing her different options.

The family has been advised to stay at a local hotel until the carpets and tiled floors are dried out.