Local high school student named McDonald's Crew Person of the Year

Local high school student named McDonald's Crew Person of the Year
Photo credit: WDAM
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Whitney McMurrey went to Perry Central High School this morning thinking it was just another Tuesday.

But her mom told her to dress really nice for school this particular day, and she did not know why.

Little did she know that when she was called to the high school library during her Vo-Tech class, she was in for a very big surprise.

For nearly three years, Whitney has worked at the McDonald's on Hardy Street near the USM campus. She has received various compliments about her service and caring for the customer.

Corporate officials said that she had received compliments from the guests/customers for going above and beyond her duties in the spirit of McDonald's founder Ray Croc.

Whitney McMurrey chosen from more than 35,000 other employees as the Crew Person of the Year out of over 700 McDonald's locations in the great Southern region.

"I'm just really grateful to have this opportunity. It's really nice. It makes me really happy to have the job that I have," McMurrey said.

She is one of only 25 winners across the United States to be bestowed with the honor.

The local McDonalds owner said that it is as much an honor for them as it is for her.

Whitney did not even know that she had been nominated for the special award, which also came with a permanent name tag and two checks totaling $1,000.

She plans to go to pharmacy school at Ole Miss when she finishes high school.