Two Alabama residents arrested for drugs in Laurel

Two Alabama residents arrested for drugs in Laurel

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - On Friday, the Laurel Police Department conducted a traffic stop on I-59 for a speeding violation.

During this traffic stop, officers came into contact with the occupants of the vehicle, Johnathan Bice, the driver, and Olivia Pate, a passenger, and recovered a gram of heroin from Bice.

Officers then began to question Pate and learned by her own admission that she had more heroine that she hid on her.

Bice and Pates were then transported to the Jones County Jail and while there, deputies of the Jones County Jail were able to retrieve about a gram heroin from Pate.

Bice was charged with possession of heroin and speeding.

Bice's bond was set for $20,000 in Laurel Municipal Court Monday by Judge Kyle Robertson.

Pate's charges were adopted by the Jones County Sheriff's Department because the heroin was found on her while at the Jones County Jail.

Pate had an initial charge of tampering with evidence by the Laurel Police Department that will be pending a Grand Jury indictment.

Both individuals are residents of Alabama.