C-SPAN highlights African American Military History Museum in new segment

C-SPAN highlights African American Military History Museum in new segment

HATTIESBURG, MS - History buffs, get ready. Hattiesburg will be featured on C-SPAN in May.

The production crew filmed Monday at the African American Military History Museum.

C-SPAN Producer Adrienne Hoar said she wants to show viewers its historical significance.
"Hattiesburg has a great civil rights history and a great military history story to tell  so that's one of the reasons why Hattiesburg is on the list," Hoar said.

Museum manager Latoya Norman said this is a dream come true.

"Because I've learned so much about soldiers and their sacrifices so it's really exciting when I get an opportunity to tell their stories especially on a national level," Norman said.

C-SPAN will air six segments about the city's history and include stories about the Freedom Summer Trail, Mayor Johnny DuPree, local non-fiction authors and former Governor Theodore Bilbo.

"We want our audience, our national audience to learn a little about a city that they might not know anything about and it can be educational," C-SPAN Coordinating Producer Debbie Lamb said.

Hoar said her time in Hattiesburg was a great learning experience, especially when she gets to meet interesting people from the area.
"What makes America so special is everybody has a story to tell and it's just a matter of asking the right questions and hearing what they have to say," Hoar said.
The C-SPAN production crew has been in Hattiesburg for about five days and will finish filming Tuesday.

Local segments recorded during March 25-29 will air on BookTV (C-SPAN2, Comcast channel 104) and American History TV (C-SPAN3, Comcast channel 105) throughout C-SPAN's special Hattiesburg weekend, May 21-22.