Grace Temple Church celebrates Easter in Pine Belt

Grace Temple Church celebrates Easter in Pine Belt
This weekend families in the Pine Belt gathered together to celebrate Easter.
It's the only time of year where egg hunting and wearing bunny ears is acceptable, but it is also a time of prayer for Christians. Members of Grace Temple Church dressed in their Sunday best to celebrate Easter.
"Easter is about love and loving god and being with the people you love and people that love us," said Pastor Dwayne Higgason.
Higgason has preached for 20 years and said celebrating Easter is one of his favorite holidays.
"Easter and the message of Easter causes lights to come on and people get it and their lives are transformed and changed," said Higgason.
Other churches like the Greater New Life Apostolic Faith Church celebrated the holiday by putting on a play.
"Our young people are so inspired and so motivated and this means the most," said Bishop Arthur Cohens.

Church members started practicing for the production “What Really Happened to Jesus” in January several times during the week

“I’ts real touching to the heart you know like when we are rehearsing and when people coming to watch it actually cried when they saw it,” said actor Karim Foster.

Foster was right, it was hard to believe that young kids were performing.

Overall, what makes the holiday truly special is having friends and family gathering to celebrate their faith in their own unique way.