Tinder introduces 'Swipe the Vote'

Tinder introduces 'Swipe the Vote'

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Statistics say that the younger the person, the less likely he or she is to vote. Will one dating app is hoping to bring a change to that.

Tinder has teamed up with Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization that encourages younger generations to vote, to create "Swipe the Vote."

It works by the app showing it's U.S.-based users profile cards for various political and economic issues. After choosing yes or no on 10 of the issues, Tinder will match the user with a presidential candidate based on the responses.

While this is meant to engage the youth voting bloc, even providing a link directing users to register to vote, the decision is coming under fire as not taking the political process seriously enough.

"Basically, it's like online president matching - minus the very serious research and thought people should put into their political choices," said Kia Kokalitcheva in a Fortune article. "Unfortunately, the latter is becoming increasingly important as the presidential race is seeing more and more inflammatory rhetoric, pandering sound-bites and tears downs of other candidates instead of meaningful plans for taking on the most pressing challenges nationwide."

Users can download the Tinder app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free.