Man cashes check and receives counterfeit money

First Southern Bank in Petal. Photo credit: WDAM
First Southern Bank in Petal. Photo credit: WDAM

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A Pine Belt man says that he cashed his paycheck only to find out later that some of the money was counterfeit and he says the fake money came from a bank.
Every Friday, Jeff Melton says he cashes his paycheck at First Southern Bank, located next door to where he works in Petal.  He then takes his money to deposits it into his personal account at another bank located across town. On this Friday, however, his bank informed him that some of the money in his deposit was actually counterfeit. Melton says that all the money he received came directly from First Southern Bank.

"I'm one of the ones out in Ovett that's lost everything to the flood, a hundred dollars is a hundred dollars." Melton said, "The manager told me that I needed to keep a pen in my truck at all times to check money to make sure it's not counterfeit. Whenever I go to a convenient store and pay for $20 worth of gas, they check it. This is a bank I got the money from."
We talked to the Branch Manager at First Southern Bank and were told that they aren't responsible for the money once it leaves their bank. He also stated that they don't actually test all the money that comes into the bank to see if it's actually counterfeit.