VIDEO: "Super lawnmower" at Hattiesburg airport goes viral

VIDEO: "Super lawnmower" at Hattiesburg airport goes viral
Push mower video goes viral. Photo Credit WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A video from the Bobby Chain Airport in Hattiesburg has now gone viral.

The video shows a field test including nine mowers being towed along by a larger mower, creating a "super lawnmower."

The video is actually a part of a field test done by Kohler company to test mower engines, and they say they never thought it would get this much attention.

Engineering Manager Jason Mccallum commented on the video and said, "My first thoughts were here's something that somebody just dreamed up a bunch of lawn mowers behind the airport, but there's actually a purpose behind what we do there."

Mccallum added, "These are our push mower engines that we actually produce. So this is an application where we do a couple of operations where people are pushing the mowers. We also have somebody pulling it around, so we can test nine at one time."

Kohler plans to keep doing the test throughout the summer.

According Mccallum, the company has an agreement with the city of Hattiesburg. If the city lets the company test their mowers at the airport, they will mow the grass for free.

This agreement ultimately has saved Hattiesburg taxpayers money.