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7th Avenue residents voice opinions on bike lane

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Seventh Avenue in Laurel is one the first streets to be completed in the multi-million dollar street improvements project in Laurel, and while many residents are pleased with the outcome, some are not happy about a new bike lane.

Kim Weddington has lived on Seventh Avenue for nearly 20 years and loves her new street.

 “I think the streets now are very nice, they are a lot smoother and you don’t have the rumbling anymore,” Weddington said.

Some neighbors in the area are upset because they did not know that there would be a new bike lane on the street in the space where they once parked their vehicles.

Kelvin Weddington said he understands their frustrations.

 “I think that they city should probably come up with an idea to help people to be able to park their vehicle,” Weddington said 

He said while he appreciates the bike space, he doubts that it will get any use.

“There’s not really a biking culture down here, so I really don’t see where spending the money to put the biking lanes will benefit the town,” Weddington added.

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