Tips for protecting spring plants from the cold

Tips for protecting spring plants from the cold

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Sunday is the first day of spring, and many shoppers at Lowe's Home Improvement in Petal are preparing for spring gardening.

"I'm shopping for spring plants and I'm trying to beautify my yard with some bricks," Customer Terri McFarlin said.

"I'm getting some soil and garden soil and trying to get my garden ready to plant," Customer Roger Swartz said.

Temperatures dip near freezing Sunday night. Lawn and Garden Department Manager Eric Randall said some plants are at risk of freezing.

"Your tinder vegetation, the flowers, anything that has a really tinder leaf to it," Randall said.

"You want to go ahead and protect that plant."

There are a variety of ways to protect plants from the cold.

"The easiest thing is if you have a container plant or hanging baskets bring them inside," Randall said.

"And if for some reason you can't do that, just gather them up and put them in a protected area. Maybe under a covered patio or inside the garage."

A frost cloth can be used to cover plants.

"Try to build yourself a little makeshift shelter using the stakes or a pole," Randall said.

"And just place the cloth over the plant. Try not to let the plant touch the cloth at all."

A blanket, sheet or burlap can also be used to cover plants.

"Smaller plants if they are in the ground the best thing to do is to water them up before the cold weather comes, because the wet soil holds heat better than dry soil does," Randall said.

"And put some mulch around them. That will also help insulate them from the cold."

Randall recommends starting spring gardens after Easter when temperatures are warmer.