Jones County man shares story of surviving flood waters

Jones County man shares story of surviving flood waters
Photo credit: WDAM
Photo credit: WDAM

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - As Robert McElroy lies in his hospital bed, the scratches on his arm are a tell-tale sign of the battle he has endured when he was swept away by ferocious flood waters in Jones County Saturday.

McElroy said he was going to help out a stranded friend, but he never made it to him.

"The water got so deep it just pushed me into the creek," McElroy said. "Soon as I was washed away from the tree, I was washed away further."

As he fought to find safety, he said he waded through the cold water scraped and bruised.

"I grabbed a hold of one hand by a tree, kept on back and forth," McElroy said.

He said he fought for as long as he could, until he eventually passed out.

"About a half mile down, I just wore out, I couldn't go no further," McElroy said.

Out of nowhere, his neighbor George Clark, found him lying lifeless in the water.

"He was laying there motionless on the side of the road and he was motionless," Clark said.

The next thing McElroy remembered was waking up in a hospital room. He said despite the circumstances, in his 81 years of life, he has never been more thankful.