Hattiesburg Arts Council to showcase new artist exhibits

Hattiesburg Arts Council to showcase new artist exhibits
“Louisiana Green,” by Lisa diStefano/ Photo credit: Hattiesburg Arts Council
“Louisiana Green,” by Lisa diStefano/ Photo credit: Hattiesburg Arts Council

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Hattiesburg Arts Council.

Hattiesburg Arts Council invites you to experience the culture of our neighboring state of Louisiana, as you tour the exhibit, "A Collection of Silence," by artist, Lisa Qualls, and "Louisiana Green," by Lisa diStefano on Friday, April 1, from 4-6 p.m. at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center.

Houston's multi-media artist, Lisa Qualls, longs to find the voice of her Louisiana that she remembers from childhood.

After spending a year traveling to all 64 parishes in Louisiana, she has created a body of work to include both visual and auditory images from each parish that depicts the people and culture of a place she still calls home.

Her "portraits" are images of people, animals and places; and composed with graphite on clay board or paint on paper.

The high ceilings of the Hattiesburg Cultural Center will allow for a suspended life-size paper room made from canary paper covered with drawings of Louisiana native plants, camellias and marshland flowers.

The layered paper woven together reflects the layers of time, work and memory, to create a collection of silence that speaks volumes. Several audio installations placed throughout the exhibit, will also introduce us to the people of these parishes, allowing us to further explore the artist's sense of place.

Landscape artist, Lisa diStefano, finds herself in a new territory with the body of work, "Louisiana Green."

Her paintings function as a vehicle for a deeply personal investigation of the vulnerable Louisiana wetlands and the resulting erosion.

In order to represent this loss, diStefano creates landscapes that dissolve and are interrupted by fragmented panels and the removal of images.

She has managed to reframe the landscape, painting it in a way that moves beyond the well-worn stereotypical imagery.

Her art is simultaneously singular and deeply connected to the fine art tradition.

One can see echoes of the abstract expressionist concept of gestures extending beyond the borders without limitation, irreducible and insoluble.

The opening reception is free and open to the public. This exhibit runs April 1– April 25.

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