House in danger of falling into Black Creek

House in danger of falling into Black Creek

FORREST COUNTY (WDAM) - A house in Camp Dantzler is in danger of falling into Black Creek in Forrest County.

The Emergency Management team responded to the scene on Landing road off of Churchwell.

The Forrest county Emergency Management Center said this problem is new to the area.

"The creek bank sluffing off, you know wasn't there on Monday," EOC Director Glen Moore said. "As its dried out, I'm sure it's began to fall off into the creek."

Luckily this is not the homeowner's primary house. He will work with a contractor to keep it stabilized.

Moore said other neighbors should not worry about this happening to them.

"Everything else is far enough back from the creek," Moore said. "This is the oldest one we've seen this happen to and that is because its close enough to the creek bank."

However, residents like Rose Little are still trying to move on after the flood. She had to use a canoe to escape flood waters for 15 minutes.

"We canoed out went up to the top of the hill and then water kept coming up and we had to get rescued," Little said.

Among other things, the community has been dealing with sewage problems since May and flooding has only made it worse.

"It just stinks and it's bad, really bad," Little said.

Across the street, an RV park was also damaged by flood waters up to four feet. A man had to use a boat to go back to his RV a few days after the flooding.

"When I got up here to get my stuff out in a boat, the water was level with the door," Luke Libby said.

The EOC said this area is also considered one of the highest hit areas because it is close to Black Creek.