Mississippi lawmakers respond to Obama's Supreme Court nominee

Mississippi lawmakers respond to Obama's Supreme Court nominee

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - Mississippi's congressional lawmakers are reacting to President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Obama chose Judge Merrick Garland on Wednesday to fill the open seat on the Supreme Court.

Lawmakers such as Senator Roger Wicker, Congressman Steven Palazzo, and Senator Thad Cochran were against Obama appointing a Supreme Court Justice.

Senator Wicker released the following statement regarding the nomination:

"The American people should have the opportunity to make their voices heard before filling a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court. In November, the country will get that chance by choosing a new President – a process that is well underway. Until then, our time should be spent addressing the many other legislative matters before us to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and secure our nation."

Thad Cochran released a similar statement:

"The justice who eventually fills the current vacancy on the court will have long-lasting and far-reaching impact on our laws.  The American people, through the election of a new President this fall, should have a say in this nomination.

Congressman Palazzo gave a unique and brief statement on Twitter:

The U.S. Senate will have to approve Garland's nomination, but will go on a two-week recess starting Thursday.