Local vet risks his life to save horses from flood waters

Local vet risks his life to save horses from flood waters

HATTIESBURG, MS - A local vet risked his own life to save three mini horses from drowning in the flood waters Saturday.

The process was a team effort, which included the fire department, humane society and locals in the area.

The mini horses were fighting for their lives after treading in flood waters for several hours off of River Road.

"Rogers and the people out there were animal lovers, we weren't leaving without the horses being in safety," Humane Society volunteer Kelly O'Neal Creel said.

Pine Belt Veterinarian Hospital Doctor Lowell Rogers took quick action by jumping into an airboat and fighting through the current and wind to get to the Horses. Once in contact with the animals he brought them to shore and saved them.

"It was deadly water, he literally risked his life to save that animal," Creel said.

Creel said she saw the whole scene unfold as she helped horses that were pulled to shore. She said the National Guard went to the scene, but left because the area was too dangerous.

Rogers almost drowned, but luckily the Hattiesburg Swift Water Rescue team was there to help him.

"The current got too swift for him but we had our rescue team downstream to pick him up," Captain Matt Saucier said.

The team managed to save two mini horses and once they regained consciousness, they looked happy to be alive.

"The look in its eye, the gratitude there is no other reward like that," Creel said.
Creel said the most rewarding part was having the community in Hattiesburg come together to save lives. 
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