Forrest County: More than 150 homes damaged from flooding

Forrest County: More than 150 homes damaged from flooding

FORREST COUNTY (WDAM) - The Forrest County Emergency Management team assessed the flood damage in the county and found that a variety of factors that caused flooding in many homes across the area.

More than 150 homes received damage from last week's flooding. According to EMA Driector Glen Moore, three homes were destroyed, 47 sustained major damage, 52 minor and 56 were affected.

Some of the hardest hit areas include downtown Hattiesburg and Rawl Springs.

Emergency Management Operations Officer Kyle Hopkins said most of the damage in Rawl Springs was caused by flash flooding.

"It's so much rain in a short amount of time that the rivers and maybe the little creeks can't hold it and you start seeing it back up," Hopkins said.

Rawl Springs resident Melinda Bell had two and a half feet of water flood her home. She propped her furniture on tables in her house in attempts to keep it dry.

Outside her home on Creek Lane several neighbors are already cleaning out damaged items from their houses

However, in downtown Hattiesburg it is a different story. Hopkins said most of the damage was caused by river flooding. On Fairly Street, Doris Simmons' basement and backyard was completely flooded with water.

"I was in despair because I just couldn't believe it," said Simmons. "It's been so long since we've had a flood like that."

Overall, in Forrest county, only 25 percent or less of the damage was considered major. All the roads are currently open in the county except for Morrison Road at Tallahalla Bridge according to the EOC.

Hopkins said the next step for residents in Forrest County is to continue to report damages and clean out their homes.