Laurel residents angry after flood damages their homes

Laurel residents angry after flood damages their homes

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Center Avenue in Laurel was one of the hardest hit areas from the recent flooding in the Pine Belt.

Many residents had to be rescued by boat from their home to escape the rising water.

Anthony Hudson said water damaged the inside of his home. Now he is angry with city officials because he said this is a persistent problem.

"We have went through four floods since 2000 in my home," Hudson said.

Hudson said city officials need to do more to help the residents in the area.

"They have let our houses flood, flood, flood year after year," Hudson said.

Marian Allen also lives on Center Avenue, but she said it is time for residents to relocate from that area.

"Buy us out because there are federal and state funds available to purchase our homes to make it green space," Allen said.

Mayor Johnny Magee said he hopes that a buying will be an option for the people in the area.

"It would be great for FEMA to buy people out and relocate them somewhere else, that's what we're hoping for," Magee said.

Hudson said if something is not done, he is threatening to take legal action.

“I'm in the house right now typing up a lawsuit against the city of Laurel and the core of engineers of the state of Mississippi because they knew this has been happening for the last 20 years,” Hudson said.