Man found alive in Jones County flood waters

Man found alive in Jones County flood waters

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County fire department officials are investigating the scene where a man was found in flood waters Sunday morning.

County resident, George Clark, spotted the man laying on one side of his body in flood waters on Tom Windham road.

"It was pretty heartbreaking, I went out there not knowing what I was going to find," said Clark.

According to Jones County fire department, paramedics rushed to the scene around 7:41 a.m.

The unidentified man's truck was found on Customs road. Fire Coordinator Dan McKeanna, said it appeared that the man left his vehicle and waded about one quarter mile to the scene Clark found him. McKeanna said he is urging people to stop driving on flooded roads to prevent more accidents like this one from happening.

"The water perception, it looks like it may be shallow you don't know if the roadways are underneath it because you can't see it because of the water," said McKeanna. "You just need to turn around."

The victim was taken to South Central Regional Medical Center to be treated for hypothermia.

Other areas in Laurel were also affected by flood waters like Slaughter Pen road and Tuckers Crossing road. During the next few days the flood waters will continue to recede.

"It will continue to recede but we are expecting more rain on Wednesday and then again on the weekend so we'll be managing the creeks," said Jones County Director of Emergency Management Marda Tullos.