UPDATE: Nick's Blog: River flooding stages

UPDATE: Nick's Blog: River flooding stages
Photo credit: NWS

PINE BELT (WDAM) - 3/12/16 @ 7:40PM UPDATE: Most of the area is done with the rain for tonight. There will be a few remaining showers for some of our northwestern counties, but generally, we are done. The link below will take you to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service for river levels in the next few hours.

Even though the rain is slowing down across most of the area for Friday, the threat for flooding continues.

The water that has been ponding on roads and draining into the ditches will find its way toward the streams, creeks and eventually the rivers across the area.

Click here for a list of all of the river flooding forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Please keep in mind, we will see another chance for rain late Friday night and into Saturday afternoon.

Storm totals from the area have already topped 15 inches in some spots, and with more on the way, flooding is still a big concern.

Please do not attempt to drive through flooded roads.