Rains cause retaining wall to crumble at Lamar County apartment complex

Rains cause retaining wall to crumble at Lamar County apartment complex

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - After heavy rains swept through Lamar County Thursday night a retaining wall behind a Lamar County apartment complex began to crumble.

The crack in the wall caused a fence to bow out, and residents in structures closest to the cracking wall were evacuated as a precaution.

No apartment buildings have been damaged.

Jasmine Hardy said she wasn't expecting to spend her Friday morning evacuating from her apartment.

"Around 7 o'clock, they were beating on the door saying say that we needed to evacuate because the wall on the outside had fell over, and the building is at risk of falling over, of collapsing. So that's what I woke up to. Like out of my sleep," Hardy said.

Tom Hall lives in an apartment closest to the cracked wall, and was also woken up to evacuate.

"One of my neighbors knocked on my door and said 'we gotta get outta here! The wall is cracking.' And so I walked back there and looked, and sure enough, the foundation on the building is just seeping down," said Hall. "It's sort of like Hurricane Issac in 2012. it did the same thing only not near as bad. This is pretty bad."

Residents were prompted to grab as much as they could, and were moved into empty apartments in the same complex for the time being.

"There's just no reason to panic. I mean, gee whiz. Can't argue with mother nature. If she wants it to rain for four days, you know? Now if it keeps up for four more days, we may as well start building a boat, you know," said Hall.

Management said no one, and no buildings are in imminent danger.