Sanctuary Prohibition Bill passed by Mississippi Senate

Sanctuary Prohibition Bill passed by Mississippi Senate

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Senate bill 2306 passed the Mississippi Senate Monday and now heads to the House.

Mississippi Sen. Chris McDaniel said the Sanctuary Prohibition Bill allows police to help out federal authorities by arresting illegal aliens.

McDaniel said it was created to stop the spread of sanctuary cities or places where immigrants will not get asked about their status as citizens.

"We cannot create sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants in this state and frankly we have every right to enforce the law," McDaniel said.

In Jackson, there is a 2010 ordinance that was put in place that prevents police from asking about a person's immigration status and McDaniel said this is a problem.

"Politics get in the way, sometimes we don't enforce the laws we should because we are trying to cater or pander to a group or organization," McDaniel said. "We can't have a country that divides itself along those lines."

In general, law enforcement agencies are required to tell the federal authorities about illegal immigrants for deportation purposes.

According to Laurel Police Captain Tommy Cox, police officers only report illegal immigrants who have committed a certain level of crime.

"There are other offenses that generally over the past few years, they work with us whether its been DUI's, domestic and things maybe a little worse," Cox said.