Local school campaigns to "End the R-Word"

Local school campaigns to "End the R-Word"
Students take the pledge to end the R-word. Photo source WDAM.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A group of students at NR Burger Middle School took the pledge to end the use of the R-Word.

The "Spread the Word, End the Word" campaign is an effort by the Special Olympics and Best Buddies to end usage of the word "retarded."

Students were encouraged to sign the banner outside of the school, and administrator Lori Potter was happy with the success.

"Students came and asked insightful questions, and were more than willing to sign up," Potter said.

Margaret Hale explained the importance of the banner as she described the R-word as "a demeaning word."

Advocate groups campaign to "End the Word" because they want people to know that language affects attitude, and attitudes impact actions.

The spring games for the Special Olympics will be held at the University of Southern Mississippi on March 5 at the Payne Center.